Punjabi and Hindi languages are the two most spoken languages amongst British Indians. Hindi and Punjabi are mainly spoken in Indian Subcontinent. Punjabi is spoken both in India and Pakistan. In India, Punjabi is written in Gurmukhi Script and in Pakistan, the language is written in Shahmukhi script. There are different dialects spoken on both sides. Hindi and Punjabi have the same sentence structure and many other similarities. Some parents want their children to learn to speak the native language not only to understand the cultural aspects but also to connect and communicate with their grandparents effectively. Languages bridge the gap.


We offer lessons/courses for adult learners and young learners. If English is your first language and you struggle to understand and speak Punjabi, get in touch with us, we'll help you.

  • We offer Punjabi and Hindi tuition to help read, write and speak effectively.

  • Lessons are offered in 1-2-1 basis and also in small groups and online.

How online lessons work?

Lessons are specifically designed for English speakers to make it easier for them to learn to speak Punjabi through English. All the lessons are written in English and Punjabi part is also transliterated to focus on speaking skills. As the students advance on to the next level, they can opt to read and write and we have proper worksheets and lessons to aid learning. 

Lessons are delivered in English via video calls and we use interactive whiteboard, where students are also able to write. Fee is accepted by BACS transfer. Once you book your lesson, study material and lesson plan is sent in advance in your email.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 07794747161 or email us at



''Amandeep is an excellent teacher. She has been teaching me for 5-6 weeks now and I feel my progression has been very good. She has been teaching me reading and writing first and now I have truly got to grips with why this is the best method.
I am not only learning the meaning of words and sentence structure but I am understanding how to read and write which has allowed the learning of works and sentences a lot easier. She provides great worksheets and supplies enough to keep me going and learn. She makes the learning environment very comfortable and friendly for me to work in.
She has a great way to explain things that are often complex for me and breaks down problems to find easier ways to learn, solve and remember. I highly recommend Amandeep to anyone wanting to learn Punjabi.''

-Lahari Jangra, Wolverhampton ( Adult learner)


'' Great tutor! Great communication and works to help in all aspects of learning. Polite and professional. Would definately reccomend to anyone :-)''

-Rajdeep Atwal, Walsall (Adult learner)


'' I think my new punjabi teacher is really good .When she teaches me it is very enjoyable and when I go back home from there I want to do even more and my whole family is really impressed what I have learned so far and when she teaches me, she makes it is fun. I am really surprised that in only about 2 to 3 weeks she has taught me so much so far.'' 

-Kareena Mahay, Age 11 (Bilston)


''Children are happy with the one to one tuition. Homework given after each lesson
and good feedback from tutor after each lesson.''

-Rashpal Bansal, Wolverhampton



 '' Amandeep is very nice and helpful. She is an excellent language teacher and I will be taking more lessons from her....''

-Liliana Tomic, London (Online, Adult Learner)


'' Amandeep is friendly, polite and the children are very comfortable learning from her. The children have had two lessons from her and the feedback from them has been positive . I would recommend her to anyone looking for a punjabi teacher.''

-Addesh Samra, Wolverhampton


''Amandeep is an excellent Punjabi teacher. She is patient and reassuring with me when I am unsure and she has brilliant worksheets that I can work on between lessons. I would 100% recommend her as a teacher :)''

-Bhavandeep Stephenson, Gloucestershire (Online, Adult Learner)


''I've received 6 Skype lessons from Aman and each one has helped me progress my learning. With Aman's encouragement, patience, and knowledge, I've gone from knowing extremely basic conversation, and no reading and writing, to being much more capable with speaking and listening, and even basic reading and writing. Aman's always available to help between lessons, which is a great help. Highly recommend.''

- Sandi Dhinsa, Bristol (Online, Adult Learner)