Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Reg Exam Tuition

Where are you based?

We are based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

What is covered in the lessons?

Please click here for detailed information. This document provides you the outline of the sessions but it may vary depending on the type of course chosen eg full-course or one to one sessions.

What is the duration of the course and each session?

PREP Course Description- The PREP covers all pertinent content specified in GPhC syllabus. This course is designed for pharmacy pre-reg students who desire to systematically cover required syllabus content for the GPhC exam. The course comprises of 12 biweekly 3 hour long sessions, spread over 16 weeks including a mock exam, starting in November 2018 and January 2019. If you would like to sign up for the whole year, usually there is a 2 hours weekly session covering full GPhC syllabus.

Is it one-to-one or group?

We offer one-to-one sessions tailored according to your needs and coaching for small groups.

Do you offer online lessons?

Yes, we have been offering online lessons for a number of years and have students all over the UK.

How do online sessions work?

Sessions are carried out in real time, you need a computer linked to the internet, and a high speed broadband connection for voice, video (optional) and file sharing. We use interactive whiteboard for virtual classroom, which is similar to a classroom whiteboard where you can show images and draw maths equations and allows two way interaction between the tutor and the student. You will also be able to write/edit and save your working as a pdf file. You may book 15 minutes trial lesson for free.

How do you support learning of your students?

We provide updated, comprehensive and relevant resources of our practice for pharmacy practice and clinical pharmacy questions, calculations questions and practice scenarios. Students have 24/7 tutor support through Whatsapp and our dedicated facebook page.

Do you offer crash courses?

Yes, we provide crash courses in Birmingham and London.

Can you help with specific topics/can I book just a few sessions?

Yes, you can book lessons with us for specific topics you need help with in order to successfully pass your GPhC exam.

What is your cancellation policy?

One-to-one: We do not charge for cancelled lessons provided enough notice is given in advance and you could be accommodated an alternative session during that week depending on tutor’s availability. Group: We are unable to offer you an alternative day if you miss group sessions. However, if you are not satisfied and would like to discontinue, we offer full refund of the remaining sessions.

What are the payment methods?

Payments can be made directly by online bank transfer.

I am doing my pharmacy degree and struggle with calculations and other topics, can you help?

Yes, of course. If you need preparation with your calculation exam, we are happy to help.

I still have questions. How can I contact you?

Still have questions? Please feel free to speak to us to discuss, You can call, text, email or contact us through our social media dedicated pages.