Certificate of Professional Competence


It is a legal requirement that all Goods / Passenger Vehicle Operators, or a member of their staff, must prove that they are ‘of good repute’ and professionally competent before an Operators Licence can be applied for.

To achieve this recognition, the operator, or a member of their staff, must successfully undertake the CPC Examinations and gain the Certificate of Professional Competence in Transport Management.


The qualification includes a range of subjects related to the business of Road Haulage Transport Management.  The areas specified in EU Directive 98/76/EC are assessed.


Who is the qualification for?

Everyone involved in road transport who operates vehicles for hire and reward must demonstrate evidence of professional competence. 

The qualification is for individuals who: 

  • Are Transport Managers or are aspiring to this role who will have responsibility for the holding of an organisation’s Operator’s Licence, or

  • Demonstrate their professional competence to meet Operator Licencing requirements (Holding a CPC is one of the elements an applicant must satisfy for the Transport Commissioner to grant an ‘O’ Licence). 


RSA (OCR) Examination Board set and administer the examinations to assess the professional competence of those wishing to enter the Transport or Passenger Industry. These examinations are conducted four times a year, normally in the months of March, June, September  and December.


The CPC Certificate assesses skills at Level 3 of the National Framework of Qualifications.  The examinations are designed to be comparable in demand to other qualifications at Level 3, eg NVQ Level 3, Advanced GNVQ or A Level equivalent.


The new structure as from 2012 comprises of 2 x 2 hour examinations. 

One x 2 hour multiple-choice examination containing 60 questions which will have a pass mark of 70% and one x 2 hour written exam containing a case study with 8 questions and a required pass mark of 50%.

Sample assessment material for CPC Examinations is now available on the OCR website – www.ocr.org.uk



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Course Details:



1    Introduction
2    Business & Company Law
3    Industrial Relations
4    Health & Safety Legislation
5    Financial Management
6    Commercial Conduct of Business
7    Marketing
8    Organisation Charts, KPIs and Work Plans
9    Business Taxation 

10    Operator Licencing
11    Drivers Hours and Records - Basic Requirements
12    Drivers Hours and Records
13    Planned Preventative Maintenance
14    Vehicle Costing
15    Vehicle Taxation
16    Transport Ancillaries and Contracts of Carriage
17    Electronic Data
18    Weights and Dimensions of Vehicles and Loads
19    Safe Loading of Vehicles and Transit of Goods 
20    Mechanical Conditions - Plating and Testing
21    Mechanical Conditions - Fleet Inspection and Enforcement
22    Driver Licensing
23    Traffic Regulations & Speed Limits
24    Traffic Accident Procedure
25    Insurance
26    Vehicle Selection
27    Permits
28    Transit System
29    Frontier Crossings
30    International Transport Documentation



Exam:    60 Multiple Choice Questions (2 Hours)
               8 Written Questions / Case Study (2 Hours)


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