As the competition for good grammar schools is fierce,taking test becomes a stressful experience for children. Our key priority is to make this experience less stressful and more enjoyable. We simply don't believe in 'training' the child for the exam but our aim is to help the children develop their concepts and understanding the subject.We have a wealth of resources and experience to prepare the children for Eleven Plus exams.

We believe in providing your child high quality education and coaching to reach the full potential. We help through excellent teaching and support services.


We cover the following 11 Plus subjects:

Maths/ English/ Verbal Reasoning/ Non-verbal Reasoning


Teaching Approach
We take an Assessment Test to identify the child's specific needs in numeracy and literacy skills. Once we identify the areas of weakness, then we are able to help the child to improve the understanding and focus on particularly picked out topics first. We provide detailed step-by-step explanation for the questions which students find hard to answer. We believe in building up a strong foundation in both numeracy and literacy, then we turn our attention to the skills and techniques for 11 Plus test.

We have developed our own learning material and we use variety of techniques to help improve speed and memory. We encourage active learning and thinking, aiming to bring out the best.