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A mastery approach to learning and student-focused approach and technique oriented methodology to cater to each student's unique learning abilities.

We focus on getting to the root of a learning difficulty by strengthening crucial underlying cognitive learning skills. These are the processing skills needed to take in information, analyze, and remember it efficiently. Without these skills, learning can be time-consuming, laborious, and frustrating. Cognitive learning skills are needed for such a wide variety of tasks, such as reading, listening, visualizing, comprehending, remembering, prioritizing, planning, and problem solving.


Amit, Pre-Reg Student

' A very experienced tutor, Always dedicated to make sure student passes, A lot of input with support and guidance, Mastered a lot of great skills throughout my calculation. Definitely recommended and always thorough with timings.'' 

Nikki B, Pre-Reg Student

'' Really pleased with the lessons I had and with Amardeep's tuition I passed my exams (including my calculations paper which I was most worried about). All sessions were well structured and with great guidance and support my confidence grew ensuring a successful outcome.''

A Nagi, Wolverhampton

A S Tutors are friendly, helpful and welcoming. The support my son has received so far has helped him to understand maths better to improve his grade.